Darling Daughters picked us up, on time, to take us to the airport.

“Do you want music?” asked Darling Daughter Two. “I’ve got Disney for you Mom,” she added digging around in her bag.

Aaah, how sweet! Anyone who knows me, knows that Disney is my favourite kind of music.  Yes, yes I know you are all gasping in horror and shaking your heads, but it’s true … Beauty and the Beast, “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, “I will show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid … la la la …” from Aladdin.  Followed closely by those old musicals … Singin’ in the Rain, Oklahoma and not to forget my all-time favourite; The Sound of Music.
But I’m getting carried away …

The music was duly switched on and Beauty and the Beast was selected.  But, before I could even open my mouth to sing along, Darling Daughters had burst into song; they knew all the words and even sang in parts and harmony.  They were so taken up with their own performance that I could not get a musical note in edgeways.
So I sat back and listened, thinking of the days when I was banned from playing a Disney song, or even saying the “D” word; Darling Daughter Two controlled all the car music and only sometimes allowed me to sing Aladdin (when we were nearly at home).  And Darling Daughter One complained that when I was waiting for her in the school car park, everyone could hear my Disney songs playing.  I was such an embarrassment!
And here they were now, knowing every word (and action) and, by the sound of things, enjoying every moment.  It was a miracle!

Good-bye Darling Daughters

Good-bye Darling Daughters

After this entertaining car ride, Darling Daughters joined us for an airport coffee and breakfast, and then, still in good time, we headed for the departure gates.  With a few photos and hugs we said our good-byes and joined the end of an very long queue.  Forward and around, walk left, walk right and repeat, at a snail’s pace.  Finally we reached the front.  The ground hostess squinted at our boarding passes.
“This is the Domestic queue, International is on the other side.”  She pointed.

I called up Darling Daughter Two.
“You won’t believe it; we were in the wrong queue!”
“You are so silly Mom!” she sighed. This was quickly followed by the beep-beep of an SMS.
“Kels says you have been travelling for over a year now, you should know how to do this by now.”
Ja-ja, I suppose …

We made our way through Security and Passport Control and had just settled into some seats outside our departure gate when I got a call.

“We can’t find the car Mom. We’ve been looking all this time.”
“It was near the lift,” I said trying to be helpful.
“We’ve looked there.”
“Are you on P1, the red level?”
“Yes, it’s gone Mom.”
“I really don’t think anyone would want to steal your car Darling One, too many dents and scrapes you know.”
“I suppose …”
“You’ll have to ask security to help you find it,” I suggested.

Fifteen minutes passed.

“We have looked everywhere Mom, it’s not here,” said Darling Daughter One somewhat out of breath. “Rix!” I heard her shouting, “Did you go the whole way to the end?”
“Yes,” came the echoed reply.
“Go to security,” I said.

Ten minutes passed.

“Mom, we’ve been looking in International Parking.  We think we parked in Domestic, we are going there now.”

Ten minutes passed.

Beep-beep, I received an SMS:
“Found it!”
“So you are sillier than us!” I SMSed back.
“Haha, no I’d say we are pretty much even.  And Kels says her car is lighter without you guys … and your bags.”


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