I have always thought that I would support and encourage creativity in other people, particularly my partner. He seems to have landed up with the camera on a few occasions, and I have to admit he takes a good photo. But when the photo-taking becomes fixated on one particular subject, it can become quite tiring.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes, set in a lush beech and fir forest, are certainly eye-catching and well-worth the trip. The lakes are glacial blue, crisp and clean and the waterfalls and cascades are powerful and prolific. The number of locals and tourists visiting this site are a testimony to the pulling power the Plitvicka Jezera National Park, the largest national park in Croatia. There are even a number of caves carved into the porous river banks, that you can climb up to and explore. Like me you may be thinking what wonderful photo opportunities all of this presents; lakes, waterfalls, forests and caves.
We had decided on a brisk walk along the edge of the lake back to the park entrance. The water is completely clean and translucent; you can clearly see the stones at the bottom and the little fish swimming around, as well as the many branches of fallen trees.
You might even remark on it, “Wow, look how clear the water is, look at that wood under the water.” Perhaps you might stop to take a picture or two. Although we were on the same path, I kept leaving Stefan behind, and every time I turned back to find him, there he was on tiptoes, or on knees, leaning at peculiar angles taking photo’s; ALL of them photo’s of wood underwater.

wood underwater

wood underwater

We do not all see things in the same way.

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  • Hi Cath. I am enjoying reading all your adventures and it is making me very jealous. It sounds fantastic. I did not realise I had to check the site all the time and I thought there were only updates when you sent us an e-mail. By the way how often have you travelled with your brother – he takes even stranger photos of patterns on walls and barks – Do you remember Ali in mealiemuur!!!

    • Yes I know the brother’s peculiar photo’s! But I can’t remember the mealiemuur?
      When we have sorted it out you will be able to sign up to the blog and it will send reminders.

  • Been there! Beautiful place. Thanks for the photo (of underwater wood). x

  • Sister… where are you???? not much happening here on this blog!! Disappointing! Lost in translation I think!

    • PATIENCE Sister! We are having a few difficulties of a TECHNICAL NATURE, apart from being caught up in in Istanbul’s riots….see post about to be posted! Have you not noticed the great deal of work gone into the GALLERY, how about a nice comment about that Sister!

  • Had to laugh! After our visit and on our return home, downloading the pics, we also realised that between Bjorn and I we must have taken 30 pics of the water/surrounds/falls of all shapes and sizes – and more water, pools, falls, views…. It’s just so gorgeous that you feel every view is more stunning than the previous one, so you click away like a demented “typical” tourist! But so worthwhile though.

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