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Croatia is a land of few vowels; Krk, Crkva, Hvar, Trpanj. You really want to insert a little vowel to help you along. None-the-less Croatia is very geared up for tourism and most of the Croatians we came across could speak English. Just when we were determined to go “off the beaten track”, we found ourselves in one of the top 20 tourist destinations of the world and compounding the error we inadvertently managed to navigate to three of their top tourist traps.

A trivial yet interesting fact is that this area is known as the Dalmatian Coast – the origin of the Dalmatian dog. But as yet I have seen no Dalmatian dogs only many a scrawny, weather-beaten cat, who seem to inhabit all the towns in countless numbers.

We timed our arrival to Croatia to escape the approaching cold-wet Cape winter and were expecting a warm Mediterranean summer, but it was just our luck to find them experiencing an uncharacteristically cold summer. It seemed, even to the surprise of the locals, that summer had been delayed until further notice.

It was only a week later that we finally glimpsed the sun and decided to hit the popular beach at Bol, on the island of Brac, to soak up a few rays and swim in the clear, warm Adriatic Sea. A beach in Croatia is a rocky affair, don’t think you can just lay out your towel and settle into the soft sand, uh-uh, here you need to rent a lounger and at a price.

“What happens if it rains?” Stefan asked the chair vendor while handing over the equivalent of R100.

“Guarantee no rain today.” came his snappy reply.

It was a mere 20 minutes later that dark clouds gathered and the rain came pouring down. The vendor was no-where in sight as we hurried back to the car.


Don’t believe the weather predictions of a chair vendor.

CROATIA: BOL: 05-06-2013

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  • Thanks ever so much for all the lovely postcards which I received within 10 days. It is much appreciated. Lots of love for you and Stefan.

  • I hope you kept the chair for the next day to take up the guarantee…
    But the picture looks like perfect weather. Does this count as one of your predictions?

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