Ignore all that gobble-dee-gook below, that simply did not happen, much. We found “Workaway” instead where we were fortunate enough to meet wonderful people and make friends.

And now?
We are fortunate enough to be going to Thailand! Yippee!


MAY 2013

Why “A Fortunate World”?

Firstly, we are fortunate to have each other and travel around the world.

Secondly…well that is a longer story. Travelling around the world as sight-seeing tourists did not appeal to our task-orientated personalities; a theme was a must-have. We discussed what we could combine with our travels; something different, fun and interesting which could enlighten us on a subject in which we are both novices.  We ended-up with the practice of divination a.k.a fortune-telling.

Although the inception of the idea is no longer clear, we are middle-aged after all, we have on many occasions reflected on the synchronicity of the fortunate events that brought us together, and maybe that was the primer?

We will seek out a local fortune-teller in the places we visit, and record what they predict. Who knows where it will lead us…