(The only information given was date, time and place of birth)




• In the last couple of months of 2012 a lot of changes were happening, especially in your work and changes in your home environment. You have moved into a solar year where we are looking at changes at the foundation, the very roots of who you are.


• A very, very big move is due to you soon, big as in either moving to JHB or different city or country.
• Also you are either finding yourself in a situation where there is a big power struggle or you have been elevated into a position of power.
• There is a lot of unsettled energy, its chaos, unpredictability, instability, rebellion, anarchy; from now until Feb 2014 everything is turned on its head.
• From June onwards there is a lot of money coming in for you and you are still very driven to promote and push yourself, to advance yourself, to gain back your power that you may have lost or to gain back the power you are chasing after. By power, I am talking about internal strength, achievement and succeeding. You are a very driven, very ambitious self-motivated person. All that energy about success is now very strong. Whatever the project is that you are working on, if you have sold your business and are starting something new, from July you start to see the financial benefits, from August/September the potential is just enormous with whatever it is you are doing. November 2013 is also a very significant month.
• So the months that are currently significant or where there are shifts or events that occur are June 2013, August 2013, November 2013 and December 2013. It is only really in December 2013 when you see the outcome.
• As much as the chart is indicating there is an unpredictable phase you are going into and you can’t see the outcome; through these changes comes liberty and freedom. That cycle comes to an end in March 2014.
• Whatever you are going to do now has a 5 to 7 year life-span before you move into the next phase of your life.


• You are taking on a lot of responsibility, the feeling of having bitten off more than you can chew, but also a period of gaining an enormous amount of wisdom and understanding of the process in order to achieve what you need to achieve.
• I am also seeing the possibility of mentoring or teaching in 2014. But it is not teaching like university teaching, more like a coach; you are mentoring or coaching somebody else.
• If you are not moving overseas it means that the business that you are doing is going to generate money or finance that has to do with a foreign connection. There is definitely a very strong sense that the connection is to an overseas or foreign country through 2014.
• From the middle of 2014 onwards is when you are really going to see the potential of this business, but you also hit a very dangerous point in your life where there is a very strong possibility for being exploited or betrayed. If you enter any agreements from April 2014 onwards remember to make sure that every single thing is in writing. This is very important because the danger is that you lose your business, the contract or you are betrayed or exploited in some way. And that particular event will affect your money.
• There is no doubt that whatever project you are working on, whatever you have embarked on is going to be very successful for you, but at the moment it is still very unstable, you are not sure of it, so it is showing a sense of chaos and things are happening unexpectedly.




• In 2012 you had a major, major career change. I see the potential for a job loss at the end of 2012, either you resigned or you were fired or something happened in terms of moving away from your job. But at the same time that was not a bad thing.
Note: I handed in my resignation in December 2012


• Your chart is showing the potential for a massive big move, possibly to a different country. It is really indicating there are very big changes.
Note: We are travelling around the world for about 18 months
• What is really important about your chart this year is that it is about YOU and about what you want from life and what you want to achieve.
• If this does not manifest in the move to another country, it will involve business or work with another country. It can also manifest as starting your own business, throwing away what you have done before starting over with something that is completely new, completely yours and that you feel very empowered by.
• Even though you are doing this thing, it is yours, your business; there is a reliance on another person in order to make this project work.
Note: I have formed a business partnership with Stefan
• Your chart is showing a potential for marriage. If it is not actually manifesting in “we are going to get married” it is manifesting in “I have the desire to get married”.
Note: We are engaged and will get married in the near future
• There is a lot of upheaval, chaos, things are very unsettled, and you can’t see the outcome. This is also related to the career decision that you have made.
• I am seeing some form of learning or teaching for you this year involved in whatever it is you do.
• Sometimes this (upheaval) can manifest itself in some form of writing, your chart shows a natural gift for story-telling or writing in terms of story-telling, it could just be something you do on the side, sometimes people embark on a new phase of their life because of modern technology, they start blogging or whatever it is, it could be that. It could purely be that you have to take a couple of people under your wing to guide them. Or in order to do XY and Z, I need to do a course to study… for 6 months then I can embark on whatever.
Note: The plan was to start a blog (now started) and write during our travels
• The big significant move occurs round about June/July 2013
• You are in a cycle now that indicates reaping the rewards from everything you have laid down over the past approximately 14 years. So whatever you have been doing in the past 14 years now comes the time, you have prepared the soil, planted the seeds, nurtured…now you are picking the fruit, you are harvesting what you have been laying down over the last 14 years. It is a very significant period in terms of achievement.


• Moving forward into 2014, you do not have anything major. In the beginning and middle of 2014 there is an aspect that is also indicating this potential for being exploited or being betrayed in some way.
• If you are embarking on a project that you are working on together, the cycles are showing up in both of your charts, now that I have seen the betrayal theme in your chart as well, you guys have to be careful of whatever it is you are embarking on. The potential for the loss of your material goods is very strong. If it is a business thing the two of you are doing together, you need to be careful because there is a potential you are going to be exploited or betrayed.
• In terms of fighting putting yourself out there, wanting to achieve stuff, that is all very, very active and that is why I see that you are clearly embarking on something that you are doing together.
• From May 2014 onwards, even though you have this hiccup of betrayal, it is very successful you are also showing a very powerful drive towards success and potential for making a lot of money from this project you are working on. There is a lot that is coinciding, correlating between your charts.
• The work in terms of what needs to be done and the drive, is not as strong in your chart as in Stefan’s. So it is almost like he is the main project manager and you are there in support and backup.
• But you need to be careful of the betrayal thing. It is very important that boundaries are created, that things are set so you don’t end up feeling why did I get myself into this?


I want to then go back to what I spoke about, the betrayal, knowing what you told me now. The aspect that both of you are experiencing is Neptune. The other way that this aspect, manifests (apart from betrayal) is it takes you away from the material world. Neptune dissipates boundaries, it dissipates anything solid and anything material, so it makes sense that you are travelling, you are not going to have a home, your home has been removed from you, but more than anything Neptune is associated with spiritual growth and spiritual connection. If you are writing and meeting with people, who do astrology, who are psychics, that is exactly what Neptune is about. It’s putting you in touch with something that is beyond the physical world of understanding that we have. It’s not only about material goods; it’s about something we can’t put our finger on. You may find somewhere along the line money gets stolen or your passports get lost or something like that can happen, but more than anything it now makes sense because it means you are connecting to something beyond the tangible. It is not necessarily a betrayal it is a new experience of spirit or connecting to an inner self. Your travelling is going to, through whatever you are doing, put you in touch with that. Neptune is also the planet that indicates creative expression. It’s the divine, open telephone line with God. So when people get very creative, they suddenly feel that this creative energy is not coming from their head or their body it is coming from a different source. When you are writing you do the same thing, it is coming from you but you are connecting with something different, that creative energy comes from a source that is not tangible, and that is what Neptune is. It still means you have to be conscientious in terms of your contracts and business deals, because Neptune always allows for betrayal. But because you are embarking on a creative path it is going to manifest more as creativity than anything else.

And for you Stefan, because you have got such a strong connection of Neptune to the Sun and Moon in your chart, it means that you have psychic abilities. It does not mean that you can hear and see ghosts, but your intuitive psychic abilities will be heightened during that time, where you literally feel like you’ve got an open channel to an energy that just flows through you. What is also very interesting Saturn in your chart indicates the Guru. You would have been the type of person that would have spent a number of years seeking for wisdom outside yourself, but you would have discovered you have all your own wisdom, you don’t need to find a guru, you are your own guru and this is the aspect that then allows you to teach that, but you can teach it through your writing as well. As much as you reject the religion that you came from you have got a very spiritual aspect in your chart. Which means you will want to explore the mystical types of things as well as the more rational. You have a very rational, analytical mind, very logical cognitive thinking but there is a strong interest towards the occult or the mystical or the different religious philosophies and spiritual approaches to life.

The reaping of rewards for you (Cath) is saying that the last 14 years of your writing is now going to start manifesting in something substantial.

Clearly whatever you guys are going to do will be successful; this trip is going to be a great spiritual and growth time for you. The fact that you have Neptune I would warn you about keeping your money and your personal, precious possessions very close.

Stefan you are a very intuitive man, you have got to follow your gut, connect with what that inner voice tells you and that is what you have to go with. And I have no doubt that you will come across charlatans, and I have no doubt that you are going to come across people that are awesome. I hope you go to India, because in India you are going to experience a huge array of variants.