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JUNE 2013



I was asked to write my name and my mother’s name on a small piece of paper, this was dropped into a small silver bowl filled with water. I was then asked to write what job I wanted to do in the future on another small piece of paper. This too was dropped in the water. The fortune-teller was female and the owner of the Cafe, a man, translated.

What kind of reading do you want? Prediction
Are you divorced? Yes
You have been partially living for the past 3-5 years, hesitant, want to be stable.
This year, except for the first 2 months, everything is OK. Things get better slowly.

You have children? Two? Four, 2 step children
But you gave birth to two? Yes
You raised your stepsons, yes? Yes
They are all thinking about you.

You have a relationship, but on paper you are single? Right? Yes
He has to finish personal business, still to 2 to 2 ½ years

An older lady (could be your mother or big sister) is also thinking of you.

When you are finished in Turkey you are going to go on another trip, either straight after Turkey or home first and then straight away organise next trip to a different country.

You lived through something devastating in your life, big time – but it will not happen again.

In February 2014 you will receive a lot of money you will be expecting.

You have a stepdaughter of 18? No daughter.
You are having a fight or discussion with her. You hope this will go away quickly. She does not understand you very well but by April 2014, all will go away, she will understand. She looks like you same long hair, same eyebrows and nose.

Any questions? What about my work?
In 5 weeks or 5 months the doors for a job will be wide open.
You will be working in a high place, you will be working on the 2nd floor, the building has big doors, it is very active work, crowded with positive people. It is a place that you are interested in, like a government building, a bank, a school, big firm. I see lots of computers, you working with a computer.
You will have 3 job options, 3 different places, but the place that I described is the place that you will pick.
You are not a workaholic, but like to work too much.
Your 18-year-old will also be working in a high place.

You had a big sickness recently? No
A lady in the family will have surgery, but no-one is going to die.

You have been thinking of moving leaving South Africa for a long time? No
Your husband / boyfriend is moving a lot because of work, so easy for spouse to move as you are in the same situation.

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Stefan was asked to write his name and mothers name on a slip of paper and it was dropped into the water in the silver bowl.
What kind of reading do you want? General

You will have talks with somebody, who is a Scorpio, about work; it will be a good thing.
In November 2013 things relating to work will come to a peak but these things will start in August. You will be sending out files or books for work.

After November 2013, you will receive money not monthly but once to 4 times a year, like a royalty.

There will be a young man, short hair brushed back, will help you out with job or work, he will be good.

I see 2 children in your life. I only have one child
One child is trying to get something done for the last 6 months. This child will get it done in the next 2 months, something like training or learning.

You will receive 2 different papers in envelopes. The one you will be expecting as an answer, something to do with a job – something like and order for work. The other one you will not be expecting, but both will be good news.

You have been working at something to happen for 4 months or 4 years. At the end of July or beginning of August the matter will be completed. The letters “O” and “F” will feature in the name of the matter.

By March 2014 you will get a big car or truck although you won’t necessarily want it nor need it.

You have invested money and are trying to get it back, 8 weeks from now (12th August) you will get the money back.

You lost somebody or something big in the last 6 years.

There is money from July / August. From November money will increase. For one month business will be slow. In 2014 money gets more.

You have a good heart, but you had a rough time on/off for the past 3 years.

You have to get rid of somebody in the business to change things and there is a trust issue with this person.